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Fungal Nail & Skin Infections

Fungal Nail & Skin Infections

Fungal nail infections (onychomycosis) typically start with small white spots or strips on the surface of the nail but if they’re not treated will start to eat away at the keratin and cause the nail to thicken, discolour and crumble – making them look very unpleasant.


Fungal skin infections – Tinea Pedis (more commonly known as Athletes Foot) are characterised by red, scaling and itchy skin. Often between the toes and along the outer border of the sole of the foot.


Common places fungal foot (skin and nail) infections are spread include public bathrooms, swimming pools or nail salons. Treatment can be very difficult in some cases as the fungi needs to be eliminated from the inside of shoes and socks and in the case of fungal nail infections, the nail needs to grow out and infected tissue cut away.


If you suspect you have fungal nails or tinea pedis be sure to see one of our podiatrists straight away – the longer you leave it the worse it will get and the harder it is to treat.


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