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How to Tell If Your Child Needs to See a Podiatrist

How to Tell If Your Child Needs to See a Podiatrist

Most children will at some point, benefit from seeing a Podiatrist as many Podiatry related conditions are very common and develop at a young age.Identifying and treating any potential symptoms early, is key to ensuring your child avoids developing potential painful and debilitating problems as they grow.

In the video above, we can see an example of a 5 year old boy, about to start school.

His parents were concerned as he tripped frequently, was often clumsy and shied away from activities involving running.
These symptoms are common among children with hypermobile feet and can easily be treated – especially if there is a family history of the condition.

You’ll see how far he has to place his feet in an abducted position (turned out) due to the severe subtalar pronation, causing his knees to internally rotate.
In layman’s terms – his brain has worked out that in order for his knees point straight ahead, his feet need to be severely rotated.

Notice that as soon as he puts the orthotics on, his feet are able to point straight ahead as normal.
Basically, we have reduced his pronation to a “within normal limits” amount.

With the help of his new orthotics, his ligaments will now tighten as he ages and his feet may improve.

In addition to being fitted with prescription orthotics, we also provided guidance and training on appropriate stretches for his calves and legs, as well as exercises to strengthen his feet.
A few weeks after the video was taken, his parents were in-touch to let us know how delighted they were with the results.

He is now running comfortably, has better balance and is not tripping over his own feet any more.

Does your child need to see a Podiatrist?
Look out for these common symptoms:

-Often tripping over or seems clumsy

-Complains about sore ankles, arches, shin or knee pain

-Has trouble running

-Cant run quickly

-Low muscle tone or double jointed

-Feet rolled in or out excessively

-Duck feet or pigeon feet (toes pointing inwards or outwards)