At Sydney CBD, we have a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower leg problems.


Cosmopolitan Magazine

Love Heels? Then you will need to read this…

In a Sex and the City episode, Carrie tells Charlotte how she tried the trapeze. Charlotte says she could never do that as she has a terrible fear of heights, to which Carrie quips “Well, I do not. You’ve seem my shoes”

Slimming Health Magazine

Trend of the month ….Sports Podiatry

“I’m overweight but I’ve finally made the decision to start a healthy new lifestyle. My doctor has advised me to see a podiatrist before I start exercising. I thought they were just for old ladies with bunions?”

Run For Your Life

Barefoot Running – The Truth Behind the Hype.

The benefit of running barefoot has received a large amount of media exposure.  The claims are all well and good, but is there any scientific evidence to support them?

Men’s Health

For Feet’s Sake

It’s estimated that we’ll walk the equivalent of three times around the world in our lifetimes. So why don’t we care about the transport?

Great Walks – Fresh Air Magazine

Happy Feet

There’s more to foot care than getting a pedicure. Great Walks looks at some common foot ailments and how to tackle them.

Our Blog

The podiatrists at SYDNEY SPORTS PODIATRY are registered as podiatry providers to Garrison Health and proudly treat members of the Australian Defence Force. Our principal podiatrist Andrew Bull is a Reserve- listed Army Reserve Infantry Officer for 12 years. He is extremely experienced with the......

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