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What Is Involved In Sports Podiatry?

sports podiatry

What Is Involved In Sports Podiatry?

Sports podiatry is a specialised field that deals with the detailed diagnosis & treatment of feet & lower limb-related problems. While podiatry typically deals with the condition of the feet, the overall health of our feet has a significant impact on the state of our back and legs.

This is also why sports podiatrists often end up treating injuries in these parts of the anatomy as well.

When Do I Visit a Sports Podiatrist?

So how do you determine whether you should visit a sports podiatrist rather than a general podiatrist or even an orthopaedic surgeon?

Sports podiatrists often work with individuals that engage in professional or recreational sports. Many people use the services of a podiatrist to help prevent injuries before a major sports event. However, sports podiatrists could also be of help to those who repeatedly injure their legs/feet, which can be an indication of a physical or mechanical issue.

When you visit a sports podiatrist, one of the very first things they will do is carefully analyse your walk. In this examination, they will use a pressure-sensitive pad called a gait scanner. This scanner analyses how forceful your steps are, how your feet connect with the ground, where exactly you place pressure, and how you end up shifting that pressure when you move.

How a Podiatrist Diagnoses and Treats Foot-Related Problems

Aside from using a gait scanner to study your gait, there are other things that a sports podiatrist will do, such as:

  • They will examine your walk visually.
  • The podiatrist will also monitor the overall chain of motion. This is essentially how the energy you utilise to walk flows throughout your body, from your feet, through the knees, past your hip, and into your back. This helps the expert to identify abnormal movements (if any), that could be either the cause or result of some underlying issue.
  • In most instances, a podiatrist can quickly pinpoint the problem areas and determine the issue by examining the patient visually.
  • Once they have identified the issue, the podiatrist will prescribe a tailored treatment plan to address the problem.
  • The plan would depend on the issue that you are facing specifically. However, it will often involve some muscle-strengthening exercises and stretches.
  • They may also recommend that you wear customised orthotic inserts, to correct abnormal movement or positioning that you may have developed.
  • The expert may advise that you invest in some proper footwear, as using the right types of sports shoes is crucial to keeping your feet healthy.

While sports podiatrists focus on sports and feet, it isn’t what they are limited to. Whether you’re attempting to solve an existing issue, or looking for preventative help, a skilled and certified sports podiatrists can help you with concerns related to the lower limbs and the feet.

The treatment plan is always tailored to suit the client as every person’s problem will be different, and their requirements will be different too. They will use various non-invasive, straightforward examinations to determine the cause of the problem you are facing.

Consult an Expert Podiatrist

The one way to ensure that the treatment is successful is to consult a sports podiatrist as soon as you find that you are facing any issues with your feet, heels, or even your calves or legs. Timely intervention is key to a quick recovery.

We offer tailored treatment options for flat feet and other foot-related problems. For information on our podiatry services, at Sydney Sports Podiatry, feel free to contact us at either one of our locations.

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