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We have been part of the Sydney community for over 20 years

As one of Sydney’s leading sports podiatrist our entire team is here to assist with our diagnosis and recovery.  We work closely with all of our clients to not only successfully diagnose injurys but also structure a good recovery programme.

  • Because you’d like to get it diagnosed and treated properly by an experienced practitioner the first time.
  • We are one of the most experienced sports podiatry clinics in Sydney and have consulted to elite teams such as the Wallabies, Australian Sevens Rugby Teams and The Swans.
  • We conduct an extremely detailed, thorough biomechanical and video treadmill gait examination looking for causes rather than just “band-aiding”
  • Our orthotics are durable and we also frequently use lightweight carbon-fibre, which is thinner and therefore less bulky, with a better spring and return rate than EVA (foam) or polypropylene, which most podiatrists prescribe because it’s cheaper. We use arguably the best orthotic laboratory in Australia. They have made the orthotics for the Wallabies, the Australian women’s and men’s Sevens Rugby teams and many elite AFL players. We have also treated a large number of “Ultra-Runners” who do events over many days, and train up to 500km a month.
  • We lecture to post-grad podiatrists frequently, and we have lectured all over Australia as part of the Australian Podiatry Council’s Biomechanics tour. Our principal podiatrist Andrew Bull has also lectured to a touring group of Chinese Olympic coaches and trainers at Sydney University. We frequently run in-service education about sports podiatry, orthotics and foot related problems to physiotherapy practices. (Please contact us if you’d like us to come and present to your staff).
  • We don’t charge for any follow-up visits or adjustments, as we rarely have them. Our lab also assures us we have one of the highest second pair re-order rates for orthotics in Australia (meaning happy, satisfied patients calling up to order a second pair for convenience: In a nutshell, nobody wants a second pair if they aren’t great).
  • We are runners and sportspeople too. We know our running and sports shoes extremely well, and we can recommend the right fit for you and then check it will work well with your orthotics. The wrong shoe can completely change the orthotics function, and make it over, or under correct.
  • Again, because you’d like to get it diagnosed and treated properly by an experienced practitioner the first time.

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