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Why Do People Suffering From Diabetes Need Special Shoes?

people suffering from diabetes need special shoes

Why Do People Suffering From Diabetes Need Special Shoes?

Many people with diabetes suffer from diabetic neuropathy, which is a type of nerve damage that occurs in the legs and feet. High blood sugar (glucose or hyperglycemia) causes damage to the nerves. This complication requires that they use proper footwear.

Problems That Diabetes Can Cause

Poor blood circulation is the direct effect of high blood sugar. As mentioned above, it causes a condition known as neuropathy-damage to the nerves in your feet. This condition is dangerous because it results in loss of feeling in the feet.

So if you injure your foot or get a cut, you may not feel the pain and realise that you are injured. In the absence of timely treatment, an infection can set in and worsen the condition.

Sometimes, open sores may also develop on the bottom of the feet or toes, which causes additional issues. Diabetic people are likely to suffer from some of the following problems:

Change in the shape of the feet is another effect of neuropathy, and diabetic people are more prone to develop hammertoe, a kind of deformity. The joints of their toes turn inwards, causing deformity of the feet.

Poor blood circulation affects the healthy healing of wounds, cuts, or infections. Insignificant problems like athlete’s foot or blisters also become a matter of grave concern for diabetic people.

The healing period is much more extended than usual. There are cases where these problems compound and give rise to dangerous infections. If not treated urgently, there is no option but to amputate the infected foot to rein in the infection. Diabetic people must never ignore any issues with their feet and seek a doctor’s help immediately.

Why Use Special Shoes?

There are many reasons why people with diabetes should use special shoes:

Reduce Injury Risk with Diabetic Shoes

The design of the diabetic shoes focuses on reducing the risk of a foot injury, but the shoes need to have a proper fit. That is why diabetic shoes are fuller and often have removable insoles. When you remove the insoles, there is more depth inside the shoe to fit heat-moldable inserts or customised orthotics.

Improve Mobility

Diabetic shoes have features that avoid injuries due to falls and tripping. Anti-microbial linings and slip-resistant outsoles with rounded outside edges serve the purpose best.

Diabetic shoes and inserts have designs that improve mobility and prevent injuries. Reinforced toe boxes and sturdy heel counters provide added protection. Fewer internal seams are a feature of good quality diabetic shoes and help avoid abrasion to the feet. The use of supple and breathable leather for uppers prevents binding or pinching the foot. These shoes allow some adjustment as they have adjustable straps or shoelaces because feet tend to swell during the day.

Promote Activity and Improve Overall Posture

Besides providing the needed protection to the feet, diabetic shoes that have been designed well and fit correctly improve posture and gait. It leads to an active lifestyle and in turn, better blood circulation. A proper balance of body and mind promotes healthier living, and proper diabetic footwear helps achieve it.

Contact a Podiatrist

You feel discomfort while wearing regular shoes when the shape of your feet shape changes or you have foot injuries. Ill-fitting shoes (too tight or loose), worsen foot problems. Visit your podiatrist when you experience such discomfort. Never squeeze your feet into your shoes. Instead, wear shoes that fit your feet correctly to keep your feet and maintain their health.

If you have noticed any problems with your feet, contact a reputed podiatrist without delay. For information on our podiatry services, at Sydney Sports Podiatry, feel free to contact us at either one of our locations.

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