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Why You Should See A Podiatrist About Aging Feet

aging feet

Why You Should See A Podiatrist About Aging Feet

Aging is associated with specific problems with our feet. Most of them occur due to wear and tear of joints as well as thinning, dryness, loss of elasticity, and fragility of our skin.

Is It A Serious Condition

Feet provide us mobility, and pain in them is not only debilitating but affects many aspects of our life. Aching feet mean difficulties in exercising, walking, and even carrying out routine movements during the day. It affects our health and well-being, and we must take care of our feet, which we generally neglect the most.

Reduced mobility results in less frequent social interactions, though social activities are more critical as people age. Aching feet can keep the elderly from getting out of their homes as frequently as they would like. Keeping up with the routine care of feet will generally keep severe problems at bay.

But you need to remember that aging brings with it some common conditions like arthritis and diabetes. These conditions can disturb the health of your feet, and you may need some treatment. In the case of diabetes, healing takes longer time than when you enjoy normal health.

What Aging Feet Involves

  • In the absence of regular care of feet, they can show signs of aging even in younger individuals. But generally, these problems become more evident and severe after you enter your fifties.
  • Common foot aging problems are frequent pains and aches clawing of toes, some blood circulation problems, and the development of bunions, calcaneal spurs, etc.

Not all older people suffer from foot pains. You need to seek solutions to relieve pain and discomfort rather than put up with them as something inevitable. The more active and mobile you keep, the healthier your feet will be. Regular movement and light exercises will tone your leg muscles, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling if any, and strengthen the arches of your feet.

General Care and Protection of Feet

Some ways to take care of your feet:

  • Toenail care is an essential part of a healthy foot routine. You need to clip your toenails correctly, as long toenails can cause infection, soreness, and ulceration. Poorly cut toenails also tend to become ingrown.
  • Checking your feet daily is an excellent way to keep them healthy. Feet tend to get dry and lose natural oils as you age. So a daily moisturising routine helps to keep them supple and soft. Various parts of the feet like the sole and heel get dry, fatty pads become thinner, and toenails break as they go brittle. All this makes feet care daily routine important.
  • Wearing warm socks, especially during wintertime, helps to keep your feet warm. Avoid using anything tight on your feet, because it affects blood circulation and cramps your toes. Some people find using bed socks comfortable.


Why Footwear is Important

Many older people give up using shoes and start using slippers when their feet hurt. There are reasons to avoid it. When you get old, you need more support and comfort, and a properly fitting shoe provides comfort and support and holds your foot firmly in place. Slippers or flip-flops worsen feet ailments and pressurise your joints wrongly due to a shuffling movement.

Practice using a well-fitting pair of running shoes that absorb shocks, support the arches of the feet, and do not put pressure on joints. Shoes with easy to clean plastic uppers are non-breathable and do not stretch to accommodate the shape of your feet. It is best to avoid them.

Daily-use shoes should be roomy. If your feet swell during the day, wear your shoes just as you get out of bed; it will prevent your feet from swelling.

Many newer varieties of shoes come with shock-absorbing soles or cushioning for added comfort. Take extra care while buying shoes to ensure that you can wear and remove them easily. Your heels too must be firmly in place, and shoes with Velcro, a strap or laces serve the purpose best. Slips-on shoes are more convenient to put on and take off, but they are not suitable for your heels.

The Treatments

Treatment for your feet is specific to your problem. For example, if the change in the shape of arches is the cause of foot pain, you need to consult a podiatrist. The expert will examine the condition of your feet and recommend a treatment that alleviates your pain.

When You Should See a Podiatrist

As you age, just as you get regular blood, eye, hearing tests done, you need to check your feet health annually. A podiatrist can determine whether you have circulatory or diabetes problems by looking at your feet. They can help treat other feet problems like warts, bunions, and ingrown toenails as well.

If you have noticed any problems with your feet, contact a reputed podiatrist without delay. For information on our podiatry services, at Sydney Sports Podiatry, feel free to contact us at either one of our locations.

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